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While Gilber Ane only played one game with Montreal in 1959, he lead a full and interesting life as indicated by the articles below.  Gilbert Ane Passed away on April 26, 2006.

Games Played
Year Team GP
1959 MON 1

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Ane helped break a 'color' barrier
From the Honolulu Advertiser. April 29, 2006.

Gilbert Ane, an experienced waterman and college football player involved in a historic game in Pasadena, died Wednesday at the Avalon Care Center-Honolulu from complications from diabetes, his daughter said. He was 70.

Ane was a member of the Compton (Calif.) Junior College football team that played Jones Junior College of Ellisville, Miss., in the Junior Rose Bowl at Pasadena in 1955. It was the first time a white Mississippi team played football against a team with minorities.

Ane, who was of Hawaiian, Samoan and Chinese descent, was considered "colored" in the South.

That game served as a symbol for mending race relations in Mississippi, and the Compton players were later invited to Mississippi 40 years later as a goodwill gesture by historian and segregationist leader Erle Johnston.

Ane was also involved with traditional Polynesian sailing ships, Hokule'a and Hawai'iloa.

"He loved to laugh, he loved people, he loved his friends," said Ane's daughter, Renee. "He was part of the Voyage of Rediscovery for Hokule'a and coordinator for building Hawai'iloa. He voyaged from 1985 to 1987. He was also the coordinator for the Northwest Run when Hawai'iloa went up to Alaska."

Ane graduated from Punahou in 1955 and later received a tryout with the Chicago Bears. As a Honolulu police officer, Ane served on HPD's Metro Squad. Upon retirement, he worked on his ranch in Waimanalo. Ane also coached high school football at Damien and Kamehameha.

Ane is survived by his brothers, Charles, David and Daniel; daughter, Renee; and best friend, Dr. Franklin Kometani.

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What a life! Born in Kalihi, Gilbert attended Princess Kaiulani School before joining the Class of ’55 at Punahou in 1948. A giant of a guy, we each had our own special friendship with Gilbert, each safe and loved in his shadow. Following graduation, his excellence in football took him to Compton Junior College and USC where he met and married Beverly Graham, a national swimming champion from Portland, OR in February, 1957. Renee was born later that year. Considering the option to play ball for the Chicago Bears, Gilbert instead returned with his family to the Islands where he coached football at both Damien and Punahou, wrestled professionally (even against our Curtis “The Bull” Iaukea!!), joined the famed Metro Squad of HPD in 1960, retired in ‘75 and then entered into state government as a bodyguard to then Governor George Ariyoshi.

From the Punahou Bulletin, Autumn 2006
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