Steve Booras

Steve Booras was born in Billings, Montanta and played his college football at Mesa Junior College in Colorado.  Booras joined the Montreal Alouettes in 1970 as a defensive end and help Montreal win their first Grey Cup since 1949.  Booras played only eight regular season games for the Als that season due to a knee injury, but was still good enough to be named an East All-Star.  Booras returned to the Alouettes in 1971, but reinjured the same knee again in a pre-season game and missed the entire 1971 season.  The Alouettes finally released Booras in May of 1972..

Booras was not eligible for the NFL draft until 1971 when he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in tghe 12th round.  Booras was also drafted in 1972 in the 12th round by the New England Patriots. Booras returned to the CFL and the Alouettes to play one game in 1976.

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Steve Booras

Steve Booras