CFL Football DOS Version Installation

The CFL game is downloaded as a ZIP file with the name CFLnnnD.ZIP where nn is the version number. The current version number is 1.10 so the file name is CFL110D.ZIP. To install the program:

That is it. If you are using Windows, you will probably want to create a shortcut on the desktop to run the game. The main executable file is CFL.EXE. The ZIP file contains the following files:

The files contained in the ZIP file are:

If you already had a previous version of the program (e.g. 1.08) it should be safe to just copy the unzipped files overtop the older files. I would, however, recommend that you back up the old files to a floppy or another directory on your hard drive just in case, especially if you are in the middle of a replay. The ZIP file with the game does not contain any seasons. These have to be downloaded separately. See the link on the download page for instructions on how to install seasons.