Edward Lyman (Hick) Abbott

Hick Abbott was a great multi-sport athlete from Regina, some say the best athlete that Regina has ever produced. Abbott was a star player at hockey, lacrossswe, socker, basketball and football (rugby). Abbott was best known as a hockey player, and a member of an 1914 Regina Victorias Allan Cup winning team for senior hockey.

Abbott was one of the first quarterbacks for the Roughriders who who formed in 1910. Abbott was the team pipot from 1912 to 1915 in an era before the forward pass and when the game much more resembled rugby than modern footballo. Hick Abbott also served as the Roughrider's head coach in 1915.

Abbott was a law student and the Chief Clerk in the Attorney General's office for the province of Saskatchewan before World War I broke out. Abbot, along with many of his fellow hockey players and athletes enlisted in the Canadian army. Abbott was twice wounded in battle, but chose to return to front both times. Abbot was decorated for his bravery, including winning the Military Cross at the famous battle of Vimmy Ridge in 1917.

Abbott was killed in the battle of Amiens by a sniper bullet in the head.

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Year Team GP
1912 SASK
1913 SASK
1914 SASK
1915 SASK

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Hick Abbott