Lou (Rosy) Adelman

Lou (Rosy) Adelman is one of the legends of football in Winnipeg. Adelman was a star center (or snap as they were alled at the time) for the Winnipeg Tammany Tigers from 1924 to 1929 before the formation of the Winnipeg Blue Bombes. In 1930, what would eventually be called the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was formed as the Winnipeg Fooball Club (WFC). Adelman played center for the WFC / Blue Bombers from 1930 to 1937 and was a big part of the 1935 clubthat won the first Grey Cup for the West. Adelman returned for one more season in 1941 to help the Bombers win another Grey Cup and cement Adelman's place in Winipeg footbal lore.

Adelman also served as the Bomber's's manager while playing in 1937 and stayed on in tht position after retiring as a player for 1938. Adelman also servedas the team's manager in 1945 (the term General Manager did not come into common use until the 1950s). Adelman is a member of the Winnipeg football Club Hall ofFame.

Adelman in the WFC Hall of Fame

The 1941 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Veteran Lou Adelman Trhough With Rugby - January 15, 1938

Year Team GP
1924 WTT
1925 WTT
1926 WTT
1927 WTT
1928 WTT
1929 WTT
1930 WPG
1931 WPG
1932 WPG
1933 WPG
1934 WPG
1935 WPG
1936 WPG
1937 WPG
1941 WPG