Doug Annan

Doug Annan attended Queen's and was the team's captain in 1939.  Annan was in the RCAF and stationed in Toronto in 1940 where he joined the Toronto Argonauts. With the war in full gear, the IRFU / Big Four suspended play and Annan, still in the RCAF, played for the Ottawa Uplands RCAF team, coached by George Sprague in 1942.  The RCAF team beat the Ottawa Rough Riders in a Ottawa city league before losing to the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes in the East finel.  With the war over, Annan joined the Hamilton Tigers of the Big Four in 1945 where he would play two seasons as a halfback and tackle (or middle int he terminoloy of the era).

Annan Wins Scholastic Honors From Queen's - May 15, 1940

Annan Joins Argos - September 19, 1940

Annan May Be Lost To Argos

Annan With Ottawa Uplands RCAF - October 16, 1942

Annan with Hamilton Tigers - October 6, 1945


GP and Points
Year Team GP PTS
1940 TOR 6 0
1942 OUR
1945 HTG
1946 HTG


Doug Anna 1940