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Ron Atchison played 17 seasons for the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 1952 to 1968.  The graduate of the Saskatooon Hilltops junior program (1947-49) was one of the toughest players in the game.  In an era where most players went both ways, Atchison played offensive center and middle guard on defense for most of his career.  As defenses moved from a 5 man line to a 4 man line, Atchison moved over to play defensive tackle in the new scheme.  Atchison earned 6 Western All-Star selections (there were no All Canadian at that time), winning at middle guard in 1956 and 1960-63, and as a defensive tackle in 1964.  Atcheson was a member of the first Saskatchewan Roughrider team to win the Grey Cup in 1966. Atcheson , is a member of the Rider Plaza of Honour (1987), the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (1980) and the Canadian Football Hall-of-Fame (1978). Ron Atchison passed away on June 23, 2010.

Note: Sources disagree on ATchison's place of birth. Wikipedia cites Central Butte and lists Mullingar.

Atchison Retires - July 30, 1969

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Games Played and Fumble Recoveries
Year Team GP FR Yds Avg TD Long OFR
1952 SASK
1953 SASK
1954 SASK

1955 SASK

1956 SASK

1957 SASK

1958 SASK

1959 SASK

1960 SASK

1961 SASK

1962 SASK

1963 SASK

1964 SASK 16 0          
1965 SASK 7 0          
1966 SASK 15 0          
1967 SASK 0 0     0    
1968 SASK 16 1 1 1 0 1  

No games played statistics were kept until 1964 in the West.  Fumble recovery statistics were sometime incomplete as not every player was listed (those years are left blank instead of zero). The 1967 CFL game participation statistics do not list Atchison in 1967.

1965 Topps

1960 OPC