George Bossy

George Bossy was born in Winnipeg, but moved to Montreal when he was young, and attended McGill University.  Bossy was an Olympic class canoer.   He participated in the 1952 Helsinki Olymics and the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.  In 1956, Bossy finished 8th in the C-1, 1000m race.

Bossy played junior football with the N.D.G. Maple Leafs in Montreal, the Lakeshore Flyers (intermediate) and university ball with McGill. Bossy was drafted by the Montreal Alouettes in 1952 out of McGill as an end and played one game with the Alouettes in 1952

George Bossy came from a very athletic family with the most famous being a nephew, Mike Bossy of who played for the New York Islanders and is a member of the hockey Hall of Fame.

Gorge Bossy passed away on October 29, 2012.

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George Bossy with the 1947 N.D.G Maple Leafs

Picture of Bossy with Montreal Coach Peahead Walker - May 20, 1952
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Bossy Drafted by Alouettes - July 11, 1952

George Bossy Misses the Boat - August 23, 1955

Olympican Played for Alouettes and McGill - November 20, 2012

Games Played
Year Team GP
1952 MON 1


George Bossy
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