Cory Boyd

After two impressive thousand yard seasons in his first two seasons (2010, 2011) with the Argonauts. Boyd was leading the CFL in rushing early in the 2012 season when he was suddenly released by the Argos. Boyd, a power runner, didn't fit into the new offence under new head coach Scott Milanovich, who wanted a faster back who could do more catching the ball out of the backfield. With that, Boyd was out and Chad Kackert wqas in. Toronto would go on to win the 2012 Grey Cup with Kackert as the Cup MVP, so it is hard to argue with the rather bold move. Boyd was picked up by the Edmonton Eskimos after his release by Toronto and that move was probably just as puzzling.  Edmonton had Hugh Charles playing very well running and catching the ball from the tailback spot and there didn't seem to be enough playing time for two good backs. That got complicated even further when Jerome Messum returned from the NFL. Messum had ran for over a thousand yards in 2011 and had been the Outstanding Canadian. Now with three proven backs, the Eskimos tried to juggle them all and their offence seemed to fall apart. Boyd was eventually released by Edmonton and then brought back again when Messum got injured. In the East semi-final (Edmonton was the cross over team), Boyd saw the most action, but did not have a grat game as Toronto easily beat the Eskimos. After the 2012 season ended, Boyd was released for the second time by Edmonton.

Boyd released by Edmonton - December 7, 2012