Lionel Conacher Jr.

Lionel Conacher Jr. played college football for four seasons with the University of Western Ontario where he was a two time Canadian Press college all-star at fullback. In his final season with the Mustangs, Conacher wracked up 1106 yards on 189 carries. Conacher was first round draft pick of the Montreal Alouettes in 1960. Like his famous father who played multiple sports, Lional Conacher Jr. also starred in Hockey and Track & Field as well as Football. Conacher played six games for the Alouettes in his one season in the CFL in 1960.

Alouettes Get Lionel Conacher - February 12, 1960

Toronto Argos' Fans Feel Morris Missed Out in not Drafting Conacher - April 22, 1960

Big Boy, Big Name on Big Spot - May 21, 1960
Big Boy, Big Name on Big Spot (continued)

Conacher Cracks 34 Man Roster - September 16, 1960

Conacher May See First Action Against Argos - September 20, 1960

Games Played
Year Team GP
1960 MON 6
Lionel Conacher Jr.