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The signing of Tom Cousineau by the Montreal Alouettes in 1979 was a big deal in both Canada and the United States.  Cousineau played his college football at mighty Ohio State and had been the first pick overall by the Buffalo Bills in the 1979 NFL College Draft. It was just assumed he would sign with Buffalo, but negotiations with Buffalo broke down accomponied by finger pointing and angry words from both sides.  Montreal stepped in with an offer that Couisineau accepted, and shocked many American football fans as the #1 overall draft pick came to Canada to play football. In the end, it proved to be just a short three year stay before Couisineau went back to play in the NFL, but not with Buffalo.  Despite his elite draft status, Cousineau didn't take the CFL by storm.  Like many U.S. college players, it took Cousineau a while to get used to the larger CFL field and the differences in the game of football north of the border.  Couisineau had a solid rookie season in 1979, and progressed nicely to win an East All-Star at linebacker in his second year in 1980.  Injuries limited Cousineau to just four games in 1981, which was a disasterous season (just three wins) for the Als, and the time seemed right for Cousineau to move to the NFL.  The Cleveland Browns in Cousineau's home state of Ohio obtained his rights from Buffalo for a first round draft pick who turned out to be future HOF Quarterback Jim Kelly, and Couisineau signed with the Cleveland Browns.  Cousineau played 4 seasons with Cleveland (1982-85) and had moderate success with the Browns.  He led them in tackles in three of those years, and was twice selected All-NFL though no Pro Bown appearances.  Cousineau signed as a free agent with San Francisco and finishing his career with the 49ers (1986-87).

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Games Played, Interceptions and Fumble Recoveries
Year Team GP Int Yds Avg TDInt Long FR Yds Avg TD Long FF
1979 MON 14 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0
1980 MON 16 1 33 33 0 33 1 0 0 0 0
1981 MON 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Year Team Sacks Yds
1979 MON

1980 MON

1981 MON 3

Quarterback sacks were first officially kept in the CFL in 1981.  No tackle stats were kept until 1987.


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Tom Cousineau

Tom Cousineau

Tom Cousineau