Tommy Daley

Tommy Daley had a Canadian football career that spanned 10 years from 1936 to 1945. Daley started his senior career in 1936 right out of high school with the Ottawa Rough Riders.  an excellent runner and passer, Daley was an important part of  Ottawa teams for 9 of his 10 seasons, playing one year (1937) in Hamilton.  Other than that one year with the Tigers, Daley played halfback for the Rough Riders from 1936 to 1942. With World War II in full swing, the IRFU / Big Four (future East division of the CFL) suspended play after the 1940 season.  Football contnued through the 1941 season with a four team league that had Toronto Balmy Beach replacing the Hamilton Tigers.  That league only lasted a year, but the Rough Riders and Daley lasted one more season, playing in a special Ottawa City leage in 1942.  the three team lelague consisted of the Rough Riders, Ottawa Uplands RCAF and a team called improbably enough the Ottawa Civil Service.  Daley won a league All-Star with the Roughriders that season.  The Rough Riders finally ceased play in 1943, but Daley didn't.  He switched to the Ottawa Combines of the Ontario Rugby Football Unoin (ORFU) which continued to play.  In 1944, the Combines were renamed the Ottawa Trojans and Daley suited up for them.  With the war over in 1945, the IRFU started up again and Daley returned for one final season with the Rouigh Riders.  Daley made it to four Grey Cups with the Rough Riders.  I his rookie season in 1936, Ottawa lost to the Sarnia Imperials in the East final which became the Grey Cup when the Western Roughriders didn't challenge for the cup due to a rules dispute.  In 1939, the Rough Riders lost to a powerful Winnpeg Blue Bomber team.  Daley got his Grey Cup win the following year in 1940 when the Rough Riders beat Toronto Balmy Beach in a two game playoff, the only two game series in Grey Cup history.  1940, being another year when no West  team was present due to a rules dispute.  The West was back in 1941 and this time Daley and the Rough Riders went down to defeat in a close 18-16 loss to Winnipeg.  Besides playing football, Daley was a decorated member of the Ottawa Police and also served as an official after his retirement as a player.

Daley Passes for TD in Losing Cause in East Final - December 7, 1936

Ottawa Has To Replace Tommy Daley Who Is Gone To Hamilton - September 16, 1936

Daley Injured In Hamilton Training Camp - September 20, 1937

Daley Passes for TD in Losing Effort in Grey Cup Against Winnpeg - December 9, 1939

Daley Named to All-Star Team - November 27, 1942

Shortage of Police May Keep Daley Out of Football This Year - August 18, 1943

Daley Joins Ottawa Combines - September 24, 1943

Daley Scores Touchdown for Trojans - October 23, 1944

Daley In Ottawa Rough Rider Opener - September 24, 1945

Daley Scores TD In Rider Win Over Hornets - October 15, 1945

Daley to Lend a Hand Coaching Riders - May 7, 1946

Detective Daley Awarded Medal - January 13, 1947

GP and Points
Year Team GP TotTD Good ConvG TotS PTS
1936 OTT
0 0 0 0 0
1937 HTG
0 0 0 0 0
1938 OTT
3 0 0 0 15
1939 OTT
3 0 0 0 15
1940 OTT
2 0 0 0 10
1941 OTT
1942 OTT            
1943 OCOM
1944 OTR
1945 OTT
1 0 0 0 5



Tommy Daley