Lloyd (Dan) Daniels

Lloyd Daniels was an End (or an Outside Wing in the terminology of the time he played). Daniels started his football career with Toronto Balmy Beach in 1937 then played for a succession of short lived Montreal teams before World War II. Daniels played for hte Montreal Cubs in 1938, the Montreal Royals in 1939 and the Montreal Bulldogs in 1940 and 1941 (the team didn't actually have a name until 1941). The war interrupted Daniels' football career and he returned in 1946 to play seven games with the Montreal Alouettes in their inaugral season. Daniels was noted for being a good pass catcher and a strong tackler on defence. Lloyd Daniels has passed away.

Daniels Joins Montreal Cubs - September 15, 1938

Year Team GP
1937 TBB
1938 MC
1939 MR
1940 MBD
1941 MBD
1946 MON 7

Note: The Montreal Alouettes all time roster in thei rmedia guides through 2010, lists Daniels as playing again in 1951, but this seems to be in error as it was Harry Daniels who played for the Als in 1951.