Bill Davies

Bill Davies was born in Montreal and played highschool football at Catholic HIgh School in Montreal before making the jump to senior football as it was called then.  Davies was a member of the inaugral Montreal Alouette team in 1946.  Prior to that, Davies played with a variety of pre Alouette teams in Montreal.  In 1936-37, Davies played for the Montreal Indians of the IRFU (Interprovincial Rugby Football Union) or Big Four which would later become the East Division of the CFL.  In 1938, Davies played with the Montreal Nationals of the ORFU (Ontario Rugby Football Union) - the Montreal Cubs having replaced the Indians in the IRFU.  In 1939, Davies joined the Montreal Royals, the new entry in the IRFU. In  1940 and 1941, Davies played for the Montreal Bulldogs (they didn't adopt the nickname Bulldogs until 1941) of the IRFU.   In 1942, the IRFU suspended play for the war and most football was played by military teams.  In 1943, Davies played for the Verdun Grads of the QRFU (Quebec Rugby Football Union) who were in competiton for the Grey Cup.  Davies returned to football, playing with the 1945 Montreal Hornets, and then with the Alouettes in 1946.  Davies played Halfback, Flying Wing (the more modern term would be Flanker or Slotback and Tackle. Davies was one of the top runners or plungers as the term was then of his time.  Unfortunately, there are only a few unofficial stats for the years that Davies played, but his best year was 1939 when he was named an East All-Star* at Flying Wing and won the Jeff Russell Trophy as the Outstanding Player in the East. While with the Bulldogs in 1941, Davies was again nominated for the Jeff Russell Trophy.  After retiring as a player, Bill Davies took up coaching.  Davies coached the Lakeshore Alouettes Junior team from 1952 to 1957, winning six straight Quebec Junior championships and a Dominion Junor Championship in 1953. Bill Davies passed away on May 28, 1990.

* The CFL 2008 Facts & Figures incorrectly lists 1938.

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Montreal Indians VS Ottawa Lineup Nov. 7, 1936

Montreal Indians VS Ottawa Lineup Nov. 13, 1937

Montreal Nationals VS Peterboro Lineups Oct. 10, 1938

Montreal Nationals VS Sarnia Lineups Nov. 19, 1938

Montreal Royals VS Ottawa Nov. 4, 1939

Bill Davies Wins Jeff Russell Trophy - November 25, 1939

Davies Holding Down Flying Wing Spot With Montreal F.C. - September 26, 1940

Davies Nomindated By Bulldogs For Jeff Russell Trophy - October 24, 1941

Davies With Verdun Grads - September 7, 1943

Montreal Hornets Lineup Oct 13, 1945

Montreal Alouettes VS Hamilton Lineups Sept. 29, 1946

Montreal Alouettes VS Ottawa Lineups 1946 (probably October)


Year Team GP PTS
1936 MI
1937 MI
1938 MN
1939 MR
1940 MBD
1941 MBD
1943 VERD
1945 MH
1946 MON 4 0

The games played for 1946 are unofficial and come from the 2006 Montreal Alouettes Media Guide.

Davies scored one touchdown in 1936, 1937 and 1939.  Touchdowns were worth 5 points in those years.  Source for these stats is Ron Ferroni's Canadian Football Encylopedia (2000 ed).


1941 Bill Davies

1958 Bill Davies