Frank Dunlap

Frank Dunlap was born in Ottawa and played most of his football in Ottawa, with a couple of years in Toronto while attending law school at Osgood Hall. Dunlap played quarterback, halfback and flying wing, winning an East All-Sar at quarterback in 1946. Dunlap started his career during the second world war in 1943 with the Ottawa Combines of the ORFU, then played for the Ottawa Trojans in the ORFU in 1944. With the war over and the IRFU (which became the East division in the modern CFL) back in action, Dunlap played for the Ottawa Rough Riders. Dunlap played three years with the Riders (1945-47) which included his All-Star season. That was followed by two years in Toronto with the Argos (1948-49) and then back to the Rough Riders for his final two seasons in 1950 and 1951. Besides playing football, Dunlap was also a very good hockey player and even had a short stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL. After football, Dunlap continued with his law career, rising to become a judge. Frank's brother Jake Dunlap was also a layer and also played football mainly with the Rough Riders and Argos. Frank Dunlap passed away on September 26, 1993*.

* There is a discrepancy in the sources, some saying September 26 and some October 26 as the date of death.

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Frank Dunlap Release By The Toronto Maple Leafs - December 8, 1943

Frank Dunlap Outstandng on Halfline At Grid Drill - September 11, 1943

Frank Dunlap Joins Rough Riders - July 17, 1950


GP and Points
Year Team GP PTS
1943 OCOM

1944 OTR

1945 OTT
1946 OTT 12 10
1947 OTT
1948 TOR 12 20
1949 TOR 12 10
1950 OTT 11 5
1951 OTT


Frank Dunlap

Frank Dunlap

Frank Dunlap