Irving Edelberg

Irving Edelberg was born in Montreal and played junior football with the Montreal CNR team. Edelberg played senior ball with the Montreal Winged Wheelers from 1932 to 1935. After the Wheelers folded following the 1935 season, Edelberg played for the Montreal Indians 1936. Both the Wheelers and the Indians played in the IRFU (Interprovincial Rugby Football Union) or Big Four as it was often called. The IRFU went on to become the East division of the modern CFL Edelberg played both snapback (center) and outside wing (end). Edelberg was especially known for his downfield tackling ability on defence.

Edelberg celbrated his 100th birthday on September 10, 2012.

Edelberg Returns to Wheeler Camp - October 18, 1934

Edelberg Reports to Wheelers - October 29, 1935

Edelberg With Montreal Indians - October 6, 1936

Year Team GP
1932 MWW
1933 MWW
1934 MWW
1935 MWW
1936 MI