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Vince Ferragamo started his college football career at California, but graduated from Nebraska,where he was a All-American selection by the Football News in his senior year in 1977.  Ferragamo was a fourth round draft pick of the Los Angleas Rams and went on to star for the Rams in the NFL. going as far as the Super Bowl and a loss to Pittsburgh in 1980.  Ferragamo's contract talks with the Rams were stalled and that is where the Montreal Alouettes came into the pict ure.  In 1981, under the ownership of Nelson Skelbania, the Montreal Alouttes went looking for big name talent south of the border.  The Als brought in NFL QB Vince Ferragamo along with a pair of big name receivers in Billy "Whtie Shoes" Johnson and James Scott to try and boost the team to the Grey Cup.  The experiment was largely a bust.  While Scott did lead the East in receiving, Ferragamo couldn't adjut to the extra DB in the CFL game and threw 25 interceptions in 13 games compared to only 7 touchdowns. In 1982, the Als were having financial problems and decided they couldn't afford to keep Ferragamo and  he returned to the NFL and the Rams.

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Games Played and Passing
Year Team GP PA PC % Yds TD Int Sacked Yds
1981 MON 13 342 175 51.1 2182 7 25 0 0


Year Team TC Yds Avg TD Long
1981 MON 17 54 3.2 0 25


Year Team F FL
1981 MON 5 3


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Vince Ferragamo