Johnny Fripp

Hohnny Fripp was a Quarterback and Flying Wing (the modern equivalent would be Flanker or Slot Back) who was born in Ottawa.  Fripp played his first year of senior football with the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1941, fresh out of highschool. The Big Four / IRFU suspended play in 1942 for World War II, and Fripp played for the Lachine Fliers military team in 1943.  With the war over, Fripp played in 1945 for the Montreal Hornets, the imeediate predessor of the Alouettes.  Fripp returned home to Ottawa in 1946 to play with the Rough Riders mainly at quarterback.  Fripp started the 1947 season with the Rough Riders, but t hen switched to the Ottawa Trojans of the ORFU. Fripp was a very good football player, but a better skier.  Fripp started sking atg the age of 6, and won numerous trophies and championships. Fripp's skiing almost got him in trouble in football.  In 1941, while with Ottawa, there were claims that he was not eligible since he was a professional skier, and football was (at least officially) still an amateur sport. Fripp is a member of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.

Johnny Fripp in the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame

Fripp Sees Action Due to Injury to Tommy - September 29, 1941

McCaffrey Has Nothing to Say About Fripp - September 30, 1941

Fripp Throws TD Pass for Lachine - October 4, 1943

Fripp and Lachine Airmen Hope to Upset Hamilton - November 17, 1943

Speedy Fripp Back in Hornets Line-Up - October 26, 1945

Johnny Fripp Tops Pros at Kanahar - March 4, 1946

Frip Returns to Riders - Aeptember 13, 1947

Fripp With Ottawa Trojans - September 27, 1947


Year Team GP PTS
1941 OTT

1943 LAC

1945 MH

1946 OTT 11 0
1947 OTR


Johnny Fripp

Johnny Fripp