Hugh Gall

Hugh Gall was an excellent halfback and punter who was the star of the first ever Grey Cup in 1909. In that game, Gall kicked 8 singles (rouges) and scored a touchdown. The 8 singles in a game is still a Grey Cup record. Galll played for the University of Toronto from 1907 to 1910* and so won two Grey Cups as the U of T team won in both 1909 and 1910. Gall did some officiating, but didn't play in 1911 then he went on to play two years for Toronto Parkdale in 1912 and 1913. Gall made it to his third Grey Cup in 1913 with Parkdale, but lost to the Hamilton Tigers. In 1914, Gall became the coach of the University of Toronto who lost in the Grey Cup to the Toronto Argonauts. Gall would go on to be a football official and then secretary and president of the CRU (Canadian Rugby Union) who regulated Canadian Football into the 1950s. Hugh Gall was an inaugral member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1963 and is also a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame (1975) and the University of Toronto Sports Hall of Fame (1989). Hugh Gall passed away on May 19, 1938**.

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Hugh Gall in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame

Hugh Gall in the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

Hugh Gall With Varsity - October 15, 1907

Gall With Varsity - October 23, 1909

Comments On the first Grey Cup and even a poem about Hugh Gall - November 29, 1909

Hugh Gall Played Well for U of Toronto In Win Over Ottawa College - Novembe 1, 1910

Gall Chairman Of Parkdale Committees For Junior & Senior Teams - August 21, 1912

October 24: Gall Playing Exhibition Game for Varsity Old Boys

Gall's Punting Shines In Parkdale Loss to Hamilton Alerts - October 26, 1912

Gall Played In Varsity Exibition Game For Old Boys and Coached Varsity - October 5, 1914

Gall Is Second Vice-President of the ORFU - August 7, 1919

Years and Teams
Year Team GP
1907 TU
1908 TU
1909 TU
1910 TU
1912 TP
1913 TP 0

* Some sources such as the Canadian Football HOF list Gall with the University of Toronto from 1098-1912 and just one year with Parkdale. Wikipedia lists him for 1907-1910 with the University of Toronto and that appears to be correct. There is a link for Gall (above) for 1907 which mentions him as playing for the University of Toronto. Other links show him clearly playing for Toronto Parkdale in 1912 and 1913. The Canadian Football HOF lists Hall as winning just two Grey Cups (1909 and 1910) which is consistent with him not playing in 1911 since the University of Toronto won the Grey Cup that yar as well.

** Oddly enough, The Grey Cup Story, by John Sullivan (page 23) erroneously reports that Gall was killed in World War I.


Hugh Gall

Hugh Gall

Hugh Gall