Chester (Chet) Gladchuck

Chet Gladchuck only played one year in the CFL, but it was a Grey Cup winner with Montreal in 1949.  Gladchuck played his college ball with Boston College where he was a first team All-American in 1940.  Gladchuck would later (1975) be named to the College Football Hall of Fame.  Gladchuck was a second round draft pick of the PIttsburgh Steelers in 1941, but ended up with the  the New York Giants of the NFL in 1941.  World War II interrupted Gladchuck's football career, as he served in the U.S.  marines, and played service football.  Gladchuck resumed his pro football career wit h the Giants in1946 and 1947.  After not playing in 1948, Gladchuck came north to play with Montreal in 1949. Chet Gladchuck passed away on September 4, 1967.

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Games Played
Year Team GP
1949 MON 12

Chet Gladcuck