Jack Gray (a)

Jack Gray was an outstanding multi-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and track. Gray was even referred to as another Lionel Conacher because of this athletic talent in so many sports. Gray played outside wing (End) for the Toronto Indians in 1946.

Jack Gray Playing for Toronto Indians - September 27, 1946

The talented Gray was supposed to be going to Kingston to play for Queen's in 1947.

Jack Gray To Wear Tricolor - May 30, 1947

There seems to have been a change of plans though as Gray played at least one game for the Indians in 1947, and then showed up with the University of Toronto where he played four seasons from 1947 to 1950.

Jack Gray With Indians In 1947 - September 11, 1947

Gray Catches Pass For University of Toronto - November 10, 1947

Jack Gray Listed As a Returnng Player - September 22, 1948

Jack Gray Hard Hitting End With U of Toronto - October 6, 1948

Jack Gray with University of Toronto - September 23, 1950

Jack Gray Plays Last Intercollegiat Basketball Game - February, 1951

Gray would go on to play for the Toronto Argos from 1951 to 1953, though he missed all (?) of 1951 after suffering a separated shoulder during training camp.

Gray With Argos and Out For Season With Separated Shoulder - September 11, 1951

Year Team GP PTS
1946 TI

1947 UTOR

1947 TI

1948 UTOR

1949 UTOR

1950 UTOR

1951 TOR
1952 TOR
1953 TOR 13 5

Official Game participation stats did not start in the East until 1960 though there are partial games played stats for players who scored point. In 1953, Gray is listed as playing 13 games and scoring one touchdown for 5 points, The Toronto all-time roster in their media guide lists Jack Gray as having played a total of 27 regular season games and 3 playoff games for the Argos.


Note: There appears to have been another Jack Gray playing for Sarnia in 1946 and 1947.

Jack Gray With Sarnia For 1947 Season Opener - September 8, 1947