Dave Greenberg

Dave Greenberg played high school football at St. John's College in Winnipeg and from there went on to play halfback with the University of Manitoba Bisons in 1941. With the Bisons, Greenberg was the runner-up for the Winnipeg junior MPV. Greenberg moved up to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 1942 and 1943. Because of the second world war, most football played in Canada was done by military teams. The Winnipeg RCAF Bombers represented the West in the Grey Cup in both 1942 and 1943. The RCAF Bombers were an All-Star team composed mainly of members of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers along with selected players from the U of M and the Winnipeg RCAF Fliers (military team).   Unfortunately for Greenberg, the Bombers lost both years, losing to the Toronto Hurricanes in 1942 and the Hamilton Wildcats in 1943. Greenberg is often considered the goat for the the 1943 game. With the Bombers trailing Hamilton 12-7, a Hamilton punt ended up in the Winnipeg end zone. Greenberg tried to punt the ball back out to avoid giving up the single point. It was not a good kick and Hamilton recovered the ball on the Winnipeg 10 yard line. Two plays later, Hamilton took it in for a touchdown which ended the Bomber chances. In 1944, Greenberg was in the RCAF and was a late addition to the #3 Wireless Bombers team that won the Winnipeg armed services league, but were dednied a chance to challenge for the Grey Cup.

Greenberg went east to play halfback for McGill in 1945 as well as start for the basketball team (he had been a star basketball player with the MBL Combines). Starting as a reserve, Greenberg made it to starting halfback during McGill’s lackluster 1-3 season, the first since the collegiate play resumed after WWII.  Greenberg's late season play plus his previous experience led to Alouette head coach Lew Hayman signing Greenberg in 1946. Hayman had seen Greenberg in action while coaching the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes in 1942 when they beat the Winnipeg club quarterbacked by Greenberg. It probably also helped that ex-Bomber Joe Ryan was involved in the management of the new Montreal team.

Greenberg was the quarterback for the Alouettes very first win, a 24-0 drubbing of his old team, the Blue Bombers, in Winnipeg in the second exhibition game of the 1946 season. During the regular season he climbed as high as 5th in scoring in 1946. Greenberg played a declining role in the next two years, sharing the QB position with Whipper Smith in 1947 and then serving as a backup to Steve Nemeth, recruited from Notre Dame, in 1948.

After his playing career ended, Greenberg moved to California served as the west coast scout for the Alouettes in the early 1950s.

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Greenberg Calling Signals For Bombers - November 19, 1943

Dave Greenberg (back far right) in 1943 Winnipeg RCAF Bomber Team

Greenberg Playing for McGill in 1945 - November 12, 1945

Montreal Signs Greenberg - July 24, 1946

Greenberg and Als Win First Regular Season Game - September 27, 1946

September 4: GreenBerg Showing Promise at Quarterback

Greenberg Kicks Two Converts in Season Opening Win - September 15, 1947

Greenberg Starring in Basketball - March 6, 1950


Year Team GP PTS
1942 WPG

1943 WPG 5
1946 MON 12 21
1947 MON 12 9
1948 MON 4 0

No individual stats other than scoring were kept in the East until 1954 and not in the West until 1950.


Dave Greenberg

Dave Greenberg

Dave Greenberg