Murray Griffin

Murray Griffin's football career reads like someone wandering through the world with many stops along the way Ironically though, Griffin is best remembered for the one time he stopped in one place (Ottawa) for some period of time.  Griffin played football first at St. Michael's College in Toronto. From St. Michael's Griffin wen on to Queen's University in 1934 where he was the star quarterback on their intermediate (not senior) football team, though he was called up to the senior team for a playoff game with Varsity.  Griffin went to California in the summer of 1936 where he got a job as a lifeguard, liked the sun and enrolled at the Loyola College near Los Angelas* where he continued to play football for two seasons.  Griffin joined the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1938 where he stayed for four years (1938-41), playing mainly halfback, but also capably filling in at quarterback when needed. Griffin won a Big Four All-Star at halfback for Ottawa in 1938/. In his four seasons with the Rough Riders, Ottawa and Griffin went to three Grey Cups, losing in 1939 and 1941 and winning in 1940. In 1942, Griffin joined Toronto Balmy Beach partway through the season and played at least one game for the Beaches before leaving the team.  In 1943, Griffin was a sergeant in the Canadian Army, but played one game with the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes while applying for a transfer to the air force. Griffin got his release from the Hurricanes and was reported as due to play for the Hamilton Wildcats in November, but appears not to have played any games for the cats.**  In 1945, Griffin was to coach the expansion London team in the ORFU, but the team didn't get off the ground that year.  Later in 1945, Griffin was rumoured to be joining the Hamilton Tigers, and indeed did return to play one game for the Tigers in mid October.  In 1949, Griffin returned to football as the head coach for the Hamilton Tigers who were playing that year in the ORFU, but was replaced my Merl Hapes just prior to the season starting.  When the Toronto Argonauts ran into a manpower shortage with an injury to Joe Krol and a suspension to Byron Karys, Griffin suited up for one game with the Argo in 1949.

*One article identifies the school as  the University of California (Los Angelas), and another says Loyola College.

** Reports on November 6, 1943 have Griffin due to play for the Wildcats, but the account with roster for the game in the November 8 paper don't list Griffin.

Griffin Working Out With Senior Queen's Team - November 14, 1934

Griffin Mysteriously Ill - February 2, 1935

Griffin at Practice With Senior Queen's Squad - September 13, 1935

Griffin at University of California - October 15, 1936

Griffin Joins Riders - September 2, 1938

Griffin Forward Passes Ottawa to 23-9 Triumph Against Tigers - November 7, 1938

Griffin Named to East All-Star Team - November 19, 1938

Griffin Returns - October 16, 1942

Griffin Plays A Few Minutes For Beaches - October 19, 1942

Griffith Has Left Beach's Camp - October 30, 1942

Griffin Goes Overseas - March 25, 1943

Griffin Plays for Toronto RCAF Hurricanes - October 7, 1943

Griffin to Play With Hamilton Wildcats - November 6, 1943

Griffin With Wildcats - November 6, 1943

No Griffin In Hamilton Lineup - November 8, 1943

Griffin to Coach London Entry in ORFU - May 28, 1945

Griffin May Play for Tigers - October 3, 1945

Griffin Should Help Tigers - October 12, 1945

Griffin Played Well in Game for Tigers - October 15, 1945

Griffin to coach Tigers - April 19, 1945

Griffin Replaced as Tiger's Coach - August 30, 1949

Griffin May See Action in Toronto Due to Injuries and Suspension - October 3, 1949

GP and Points
Year Team GP PTS
1938 OTT
1939 OTT
1940 OTT
1941 OTT

1942 TBB

1943 TRH 1
1944 HTG

1949 TOR 1 0


Murray Griffith

Murray Griffith