John Hammond

Johnny Hammond was a Winnpeg boy who first played senior ball as it was called then with a Regina All Services All-Star team in 1943.  After the war, Hammond attended Washington University before returning home to play for the Blue Bombers for one season in 1946 as a guard.  Hammond and the Bombers went to the Grey Cup that year, losing to a powerful Argo team led by the gold-dust twins of Joe Krol and Royal Copeland.  Hammond's play, however, atttracted attention, and he went East in 1947 to play for the Montreal Alouettes.  While playing with the Alouettes, Hammond also attended McGill University.  Hammond remained in Montreal for five seasons (1947-51), and won a Grey Cup with them in 1949. John Hammond has passed away.*

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Hammon Earns Praise for Play With Regina All Services Team - October 4, 1943

Hammond, a Bomber Prospect at Washington - Augutst 24, 1946

Hammond's Play in 1946 Grey Cup Draws Praise - December 4, 1946

Hammond Starting at Inside (Guard) for Alouettes - October 11, 1947


Year Team GP
1943 RAA  
1946 WPG 7
1947 MON 10
1948 MON 12
1949 MON 10
1950 MON 4
1951 MON 4

The games played numbers for Montreal are unofficial and come from the 2005 Montreal Media Guide.  The East did not keep official games played stats until 1960.


John Hammons