Bernie Hanula

Bernie Hanula played quarterback at Wake Forest and was drafted twice in 1949. Hanula was selected in the 25th round by Buffalo of the old AAFC (All American Football Conference) and also in the sixth round bythe Chicago Cardinals.

Hanula ended up coming to play for the Hamilton Wildcats in 1949. The Wildcats were normally an ORFU ((Ntario Rugby Football Union) team, but due to a dispute between the long running Hamilton Tigers and the IRFU (Interprovincial Rugby Football Union), the Tigers and the Wildcats ended up flipping leagues in 1949. Thefollowing season, theTigersand the Wildcats would merge to form the modern Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Hanula played 12 games for the Wildcatsin 1949, but no individua stats except for scoring were kept at that time.

In 1951, Bernie and Mickey Hanula founded the institution known as the Players' Retreat. Less of a bar and restaurant, and more of a family, the PR (as it is affectionately known) remains a popular respite for the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It is a place where people from all walks of life rub elbows, share toasts, good times and laughs. At 61 years old, very little has changed since its humble beginnings. In 1994 Pete Jarrell took over the PR and continued the tradition. Our friends Bernie and Mickey passed away several years ago. In their honor, our staff and our patrons strive to keep the PR the way it has always been, and as it should always be. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years, and may the PR continue for man

The Players Retreat celebrates 60 years

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