Bill (Skeets) Harrison

Bill "Skeets" Harrison earned a reputation as an outstanding athlete on both sides of the US-Canada border from the 1940s through the 1970s.

He was first noticed at the age of 14 when he won a golf tournament. He had picked up the game while caddying in the Windsor area.

During the 1940s, Skeets was certainly busy, playing hockey, football and lacrosse. His football career spanned four seasons, 1946 through 1949 with the Windsor Rockets. He played pro lacrosse in Toledo and Windsor.

He also served as a referee in the International Hockey League for 13 years and officiated some NCAA games.

He later coached amateur lacrosse teams and the Detroit Junior Wings in 1975-76 and 1976-77.

Harrison passed away in November 2011 at age of 86.