Curt Iaukea

Iaukea played two season in the CFL as an offensive tackle.  Coming out of the University of Califonia Berkeley, Iaukea joined the BC Lions in 1958.  Iaukea played 20 games for the Lions in 1958 and 1959 before moving on to play with with Montreal for three games in 1959.  After 1959, Iaukea quit football and went on to a career in professional wrestling.  Known as "King Curtis", Iaukea is a member of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.  Curt Iaukea passed away on Decembe 4, 2010.

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Curtis Iaukea Dead at 73 - December 5, 2010

Year Team GP
1958 BC  
1959 BC  
1959 MON 3

Note the BC records indicate Iaukea played 20 games for them, but doesn't indicate the split between the two seasons.


Younger Iaukea in football gear
Younger Iaukea in football gear

Curt Iaukea

Iaukea in his wrestling days
Iaukea in his wrestling days, about to slam Larry Lane into a table