Bob Isbister Sr.

Bob Isbister played 110 seasons with the Hamilton Tigers from 1906 to 1915, and 1919*.  Football was largely suspended due to World War I in 1916, with the Tigers starting up again in 1919.  Isbister was persuaded to come out of retirement in 1919 for one last season in 1919 to help the younger players on the team. Isbister was listed as a Wing, which in modern terms would make him a lineman.  That might be a bit misleading as this was the era of 14 playes a side and no forward passing. Plays were designed for linemen to carfry the ball, and Isbister was one of the top "plungers" for the Tigers. Isbister was also noted as being one of the best tacklers of the time. One of the most common statements made at the time about Bob Isbistger was his sportsmanlike play.  Rugby / Football was a pretty rough game back then, but Bob Isbister was known to be a clean player who stayed away from the punchingand the kneeing.  Isbistger was with the tigers when they won three Canadian championships.  In 1906 and 1908, the Tigers won the Dominion Championship which was what it was called before the Grey Cup was donated in 1909.  The Tigers also won the Grey Cup in 1913. Following the end of his playing career, Isbister serverd as the IRFU Presidente in 1920, worked as an official at both the collegiatge and interprovincial level, and was a member of the Tiger's executive.  Bob Isbister was elected to both the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Isbister's son, Bob Isbister Jr. would also play football and become a noted kicker for the Argos and the Tigers in the 1930s. Bob Isbistger passed away on April 29, 1962.

* There is some discrepancy in the years Isbistger played.  The Canandia Football Hall of Fame lists him as 1903-05 in the Hamilton City League and starting with the Tigers in 1906.  Ron Feroni's book listed him from 1905 to 1916, but the Tigers did not play in 1916.

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Year Team GP
1906 HTG
1907 HTG
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1911 HTG
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1914 HTG
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195 HTG

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