Ray Jauch

After playing football at Iowa, including a trip to the Rose Bowl in 1959, Jauch was drafted by the Buffalo Bills of the AFL.  Rather than join Buffalo, Jauch came up to the CFL and joined the Winnipeg Blue Bombers under coach Bud Grant.  Jauch played two seasons (1960 and 1961) with the Bombers as a running back and defensive back.  Jauch ran for over five yards a carry in both seasons and had 468 yards rushing in 1961.  Jauch was also a sure handed receiver with 13 catches in 1960 and 14 in 1961.  During those years, the stats recorded both the number of passes thrown to and the number caught, and Jauch caught all 27 passes thrown to him during those  two seasons.  Jauch was also used by the Bombers on kickoff returns and averaged a more than decent 30.0 yards per return in 1960 and 29.2 yards per return in 1961. What looked to be a very promising CFL career ended in 1961 on both a high and a low.  Jauch's Bombers won the Grey Cup, beating Hamilton 21-14 in Toronto.  Unfortunately, Jauch injured his Achilles Tendon in the game and that ended his playing career.  Jauch made the transition to coaching and promptly became one of the most successful coaches in CFL history.  Jauch's coaching career started at his alma matter of Iowa as an assistant coach, before he came back to the CFL as an assistant to Neil Armstrong in Edmonton.  Jauch took over as head coach in 1970 when Armstrong left to join Jauch's old Winnipeg coach, Bud Grant, with the Minnesota Vikings.    Jauch coached seven years with Edmonton from 1970 to 1976, winning the Grey Cup in 1973 and the Annis Stukas Trophy as the CFL Coach of the Year in 1970.  Jauch then coached the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for 5 seasons from 1978 to 1982, winning his second CFL Coach of the Year Trophy in 1980.  There were no Grey Cup appearances for Jauch in those years which just happened to coincide with his old team in Edmonton winning five consecutive Grey Cups.  For the next several years, Jauch had tours of duty with the Washington Federals of the USFL and teams in the new Arena Football League.  Jauch returned to the CFL as the Saskatchewan Roughriders offensive coordinator and then their head coach in 1995 and 19963 After leaving the Riders, Jauch had another stint in the Arena Football League in Minnesota.  Jauch finished with 127 career wins as a CFL head coach, which as of this writing (early 2009) ranks him sixth on the all-time list. Both of Jauch's sons, Joey and Jim also played in the CFL.

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Rushing and Receiving
Year Team GP TC Yds Avg Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Long
1960 WPG
52 298 5.7 5.7 3 13 181 13.9 3 34
1961 WPG
88 468 5.3 5.3 3 14 244 17.4 2 37

Games played stats were not officially kept in the West until 1964.

Kickoff and Punt Returns
Year Team KOR Yds Avg TD Long PR Yds Avg TD Long
1960 WPG 9 270 30 0 47 1 9 9 0 9
1961 WPG 13 380 29.2 0 71 0 0 0 0 0

Year Team F FL
1960 WPG 0
1961 WPG 2

Year Team Int Yds Avg TDInt Long
1960 WPG 1 0 0 0 0
1961 WPG 0 0 0 0 0


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