Fred Lamoureux

Fred Lamoureux played junior football with the Ottawa Gladstones, and had a tryout with the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1940*.  Lamoureuxwas in the RCAF during World War II and played football for the Lachine Airmen of the QRFU (Quebec Rugby Football League) who went to the East final in 1943 against the Hamilton Wildcats of the ORFU.  In 1944, Lemoureux played for another military team, the Hagersville RCAF Flying Tigers who played in in the OSFL.  Lamoureux was an OSFL All-Star at inside (Guard) with Hagersville.  While the OSFL did not challenge for the Grey Cup, they had no shortage of top players.  Joining Lamoureux on the All-Star team wre top players of the day like Anis Stukus at quarterback and Jake Guadaur at snap (center).   After the war, Lamoureux joined the Montreal Hornets of the Big Four / IRFU - the Hornets were the immediate predecessor of the Alouettes.  In 1946, Lamoureux joined the Ottawa Rough Riders where he remained for two seasons (1946 and 1947).  In 1948, Lamoureux returned to Montreal and played one season with the Als.  Besides playing center (snap) and guard (inside), Lamoureux also was a placekicker (see the 1946 article below). After that, Lamoureux did play some Intermediate football and did some professional wrestling.

Lamoureux Trying Out with Ottawa Rough Riders - September 4, 1940

Lamoureux Kicks Converts in Lachine RCAF Win In 1943

Lamoureux with Lachine Airmen in 1943

Lamoureux Playing Guard For Lachine - November 17, 1943

Lamoureux an OSFL (Military) All-Star With Hagersville - November 15, 1944

Lamoureux With Ottawa in 1946

Lamoureux With Ottawa in 1947

Lamoureux Joins Als in 1948

Lamoureux Wrestling In Miami in 1949

Lamoureux Wins Intermediate Title With Brookes Broncos in 1950

Year Team GP
1943 LAC
1944 HAG  
1945 MH
1946 OTT
1947 OTT
1948 MON 6

No Official Game Participation stats were kept in the East until 1960.  The 1948  number comes from the 2005 Montreal Media Guide.

* The November 17, 1943 article refers to Lamoureux as a former Rough Rider.  Lamoureux at least tried out for Ottawa in 1940, but it is not clear if he played any games for them.