Doug Maitland

Doug Maitland was born in LavAl, Quebec and attended Stanstead College .From Stanstead, Maitland moved on to play halfback for the Montreal Pats junior team in 1941.   Maitland served in the Navy during World War II, but still managed to continue playing football as he played for the Toronto Navy Bulldogs of the ORFU for two seasons (1942-43).  After the war, Maitland played with the Montreal Hornets of the IRFU / Big Four in 1945.  The Hornets were the immediate precursor of the Alouettes who were formed in 1946 to replace the Hornets.

Maitlandf, a halfback, played four years with the Alouettes from 1946 to 1949.  As a member of the 1946 club, Maitland was part of the Alouettes' first season.  As part of the 1949 team, Maitland was part of the of the first Grey Cup won by the Alouettes.  Not too shabby. The roster at the right is from 1948 and includes #68, Doug Maitland.

Doug Maitland passed away on August 28,. 2006.

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Heroes of 38: Football Heroes, War Heroes
(Maitland in team photo)

Maitland a Student at Stanstead College - January 5, 1939

Maitland With the Montreal Pats (Jr) Team - November 10, 1941

Maitland Named Co-Captain of Inter-Services Team for All-Star Game - Oct. 9, 1942

Maitland in ORFU& Scoring Race - October 21, 1943

Maitland Trying Out For Hornets - September 11, 1945

Maitland Rejoins Alouettes - August 18, 1948


GP and Points
Year am GP PTS
1942 TNB
1943 TNB 0 0
1945 MH
1946 MON 9 5
1947 MON 12 0
1948 MON 9 0
1949 MON 7 5

The games played stats are unofficial as no official game participation stats were kept in the East until 1960.

Maitland scored two career touchdowns.  At that time touchdowns ewre worth only 5 points.



Doug Maitland from 1948

1948 Montreal Roster