Don Mattingly

Don Mattingly (not the Yankee baseball star!) played two seasons with the Sarnia Imperials in 1949 and 1950, following in the footsteps of his older brother Ray who played for them in the 1930s and Bruce who had started with Sarnia in 1946. Bruce might have been the older brothers, but Don was definitely the bigger brother, topping the scale at 280 pounds in sevaral newspaper reports. In 1951, Mattingly went out to Winnipeg to play for the Bombers. An injury sidelined Mattingly for all of 1952 and he was released by the Bombers. In 1953, Mattingly returned to the Sarnia team and played with them until 1959. Mattingly won an ORFU All-Star at center in 1958.

[Note: Mattingly is often spelled (incorrectly?) Mattingley]

Mattingly Wins ORFU All-Star in 1958 - November 25, 1958

Mattingly turns down offer from Calgary - May 25, 1959

Year Team GP PTS
1949 SAR

1950 SAR

1951 WPG

1951 WPG 14 0
1953 SAR

1954 SAR

1955 SAR

1956 SAR

1957 SAR

1958 SAR

1959 SAR


Don Mattingly