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Frank McGill was born in Montreal in 1894. He attended Montreal High School and later McGill University where he graduated from in 1915 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  While at university, McGill was a multi-sport star, starring among other things in hockey, swimming, track, water polo and football. In 1914, McGill was named the winner of the Sir Vincent Meredith award as the best all around athlete in Montreal.

McGill was offered seveal contracts to play hockey in the NHL, but instead enlisted in the armed forces with the outbreak of World War I.  McGill served as one of the first Canadian pilots during World War I, and was decorat ed for his service in combat and as a test pilot.  Between the wars, McGill was active in helping to form what would become the RCAF.  McGill enlisted again during the second world war and held the rank of Air Commodore.  Among his accomplishments was establishing the Commonwealth Air Training program which produced thousands of vitally needed airmen during the war.  McGill would continue in the RCAF, rising to the rank of Vice Air Marshal.

In football, McGill is best remembered as a quarterback with the Montreal Winged Wheelers.  The Wheelers were part of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA) which was located only a block from Montreal HIgh School where McGill attended, and where he spent much of his after school time.  In  1919, with the first world war just over, Mcgill wuqrterbacked the Wheelers to the IRFU (Big Four) championship over the Toronto Argonauts.  There was no Grey Cup awarded that season as teams were just getting back into the swing of things after the war.

Frank McGill is mamber of both the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame (inducted 1959) and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (inducted 1965).  Frank McGill passed away on June 28, 1980.

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Frank McGill in the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

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