Peter McPharland

[Note: McPharland's last name is often spelled incorrectly as McFarland]

Pete McPharland played junior football with St. Michael's College of Toronto before joining the Argos in 1948.  A halfback, McPharland got to see some action when the mighty Argos had injuries to Joe Krol and Royal Copeland.  McPharland played for the Montreal Alouettes in 1949, and the Als went on to win the Grey Cup that year.

McPharland With St. Michael's College - September 22, 1945

McPharland Sees Plenty Of Action for Argos With Krole and Copeland Injured - October 4, 1948

McPharland One Of The Argo Reservers Seeing Action - October 16, 1948

GP and Points
Year Team GP PTS
1948 TOR
1949 MON 3 0

No official games played stats were kept in the East until 1960.  The 1949 figure is unofficial and comes from th 2006 Montreal Media Guide.

Prior to 1954, no stats were kept in the East until 1954 other than scoring statistics.


Pete McPharland