John Moody

John (Big Six) Moody was an All-American at Morris Brown College but never got a shot at the NFL as the league had a ban on black players from 1930 to 1946.  Moody played one year with the Los Angelas Mustangs of the PCFL in 1943..  During World War II, Moody played service ball as a member of the 5th Army.  Moody played in the 1945 Spaghetti Bowl playd in Italy between the 5th Army Mudders and the 12th Air Force Bridgebusters in Florence Italy. The Mudders won 20-0, led by Moody's two touchdowns, one rushing and one on a 70 yard pass interception.  Moody joined the Montreal Alouettes in 1946, the first year for the franchise.  Unfortunately, no stats were kept in the East until 1950.  In 1947, with the ban lifted on black players in the NFL, Moody attended the camp of the New York Yankees of the AAFC but was released before playing any regular season games for them.

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Moody in Camp for the New York Yankees of the AAFC

Year Team GP
1946 MON 12

Games played numbers for 1946 are unofficial and taken from the 2005 Montreal Media Guide.


John Moody from a 1946 Montreal Program


John Moody from 1945 Spaghetti Bowl


John Moody in the 1945 Spaghetti Bowl John Moody in action in the 1945 Spaghetti Bowl