George Scott Oliphant

George Oliphant was a Tackle (Middle as t hey were called then) who played college football at the University of Western Ontario. Oliphant joined the Toronto Argonauts in 1940 and played two seasons in the double blue before joinging the RCA. Oliphant contnued to play football while in the RCAF as the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes under coach Lew Hayman were formed and played in the ORFU - the Big Four / IRFU having suspended play for the war. Oliphant won a Grey Cup with th eHurricanes in 1942.

Oliphant was one of seven members of the 1942 Grey Cup winning team who was killed in action during World War II. [Engraved on a Nation: The Photograph. TSN]. Oliphant was killed in 1943 and is buried in Harrowgate Cemetary in Yorkshire England.

Olophant Switches from Balmy Beach to Argonauts - September 25, 1940

Toronto RCAF Hurricanes Win Grey Cup - December 7, 1942

Seven Players to be Honoured at Game - November 26, 1945

Year Team GP
1940 TOR
1941 TOR
1942 TRH
1943 TRH