J.T. O'sullivan

Saskatchewan Roughrider fans were a bit surprised when the green and white signed and then kept J.t. O'Sullivan as the number three quarterback on the depth chart for 2012. It was not a case of lack of t alent.  O'Sullivan had been in the NFL since 2003, so obviously teams had seen something they liked in the quarterback out of the University of California - Davis.  But at age 32, O'Sullivan was hardly the quarterback of the future and that third QB spot often tends to be for t hat kind of younger player.

O'Sullivan had travelled around the NFL playing for a record 11 teams. Of those, O'Sullivan dressing in games for New Orleans, Green Bay, San Franciso, Detroit and Cincinnati. In total, however, O'Sullivan had just 250 career pass attempts and 220 of those came in a single season with San Franciso in 2008.

O'Sullivan dressed for all 18 of the Rider games behind starter Darian Durant and rookie Drew Willey, but got into action in just a single game. O'Sullivan was released by the Riders in March of 2013 as the team began to make preparations for the 2013 season.

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Year Team GP PA PC % Yds TD Int Sacked Yds TC Yds Avg TD Long PTS F FL OFR
2012 SASK 18 14 9 64.3 64 0 0
0 1 4 4 0 4 0 0


J.T O'Sullivan

J.T O'Sullivan

J.T O'Sullivan