Edmund (Ed) William Poscavage

Born in Connecticut, Ed Poscavage played college football at Ohio State and was an Outside (End) who played for the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes in 1942 when the won the Grey Cup. The Hurricanes, coached by Lew Hayman, played in the ORFU and most of the teams playing at thattime were military teams as the IRFU / Big Four had suspended play for the war. Poscavage played in 1943 for the Ottawa Combines (as in combinded forces), also in the ORFU.

Poscavage was one of seven members of the 1942 Grey Cup winning team who was killed in action during World War II. [Engraved on a Nation: The Photograph. TSN]. Poscavage was killed on March 11, 1945 in Germany.

Toronto RCAF Hurricanes Win Grey Cup - December 7, 1942

Seven Players to be Honoured at Game - November 26, 1945

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Year Team GP
1942 TRH
1943 OCOM



Ed Poscavage tombstone