Art Powell

Art Powell started his college career at San Diego City College and finished it at San Jose State. Powell joined the Toronto Argos for the 1957season and was traded after playing five games in the double blue to the Montreal Alouettes. Between the two teams, Powell ended up with 33 catches for and impressive 647 yards. Powell's time in the CFL might best be remembered for his part in the "Ralph Toohy Incident". In an October game against Hamilton, Ralph Toohy, the Tiger-Cats tough guy, came off the bench sans helmet to tackle Powell after he caught a pass and was headed for the endzone with would probably be the winning points. Denied a touchdown, the Als protested their 18-15 loss to Hamilton, but the league denied their protest. Powell was released by the Als after the 1957 season as they cited his lack of intensity on defence and only being concerned about the long spectacualr plays on offence. Powell was perhaps just at the wrong place at the wrong time as the CFL was still moving towards separate offensive and defensive squads, and most players were expected to go both ways. Powell got another try with the Argos in 1958, but didn't stick. In 1959, Powell was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. Powell played 12 games for the Eagles in 1959, interstingly enough in light of the criticism from the Als, on defence where he had three interceptions. In 1960, Powell joined the New York Titans (later the Jets) of the newly formed AFL where they put him to work as a receiver. Powell would play another 8 seasons in the AFL and and finish with one more in the NFL with Minnesota in 1968. Playing with the Titans, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills in the AFL, Powell would have five 1000+ yard receiving seasons and finish with 478 catches and 8015 yards in 8 season in the AFL. He apparently found the right time and place for his talents.

Art Powell passed away on April 6, 2015.

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Art Powell passes away at age 78


GP, Rushing and Receiving
Year Team GP TC Yds Avg TD Long Rec Yds Avg TD Long
1957 MON 5 7 71 10.1 0 40 16 362 22.6 0 39
1957 TOR 5 0 0 0 0 0 17 285 16.8 3 40


KO Returns
Year Team KOR Yds Avg TD Long
1957 MON 3 51 17 0 18
1957 TOR 1 22 22 0 22


Year Team Int Yds Avg TDInt Long
1957 MON 2 19 9.5 0 19
1957 TOR 0 0 0 0 0
Art Powell


Art Powell