Eddie Remegis

[Note: Remegis is often spelled Remigis in newspaper accounts.  The CFL Facts & Figures lists him as Remegis. Also, some rosters from his early years list Deremegis which appears to be a corruption of Remegis.]

Eddie Remegis had an eleven year career spanning 1939 to 1949, mainly in Hamilton with the Tigers and the Wildcats (who would merge to form the Tiger-Cats in 1950).  Remegis started his career with Sarnia in 1939 as an end, but after that played pretty much exclusively as a guard (or inside using the terminology of the time).  Remegis played for the Hamilton Tigers of the IRFU / Big Four in 1940, and when the Tigers suspended play in 1941 due to World War II, Remegis moved to the newly formed Hamilton Wildcats of the ORFU.  Remegis played four years during the war with the Wildcats from 1941 to 1944. Remegis won an ORFU All-Star with the Wildcats in 1944 at guard / inside, and also won a Grey Cup with the Wildcats in 1943. With the war over, and the Tigers back in action, Remegis returned to them for four seasons from 1945 to 1948. During that stint, Remegis won IRFU / Big Four All-Star honours at guard in 1945 and 1947.  Remegis finished his career in 1949 with the Hamilton Wildcats, who in one of those quirks of football history were now playing in the IRFU / Big Four as the Tigers and Wildcats switched leagues in 1948 when the Tigers had a dispute with the IRFU.

Deremigis (Remegis) On Sarnia Roster - November 25, 1939

Remegis Joins Former Coach From Sarnia in Hamilton - September 18, 1940
(the article refers to Reg de Renigisi coming from Sarnia to Hamilton which is probably the worst misspelling of Remegis)

Deremigis (Remegis) Edged Out In All-Star Voting - November 19, 1940

Remegis Listed As Eddie Deremegis With Wildcats - September 23, 1941

Remegis With Wildcats For 1943 Grey Cup - November 27, 1943

Remegis With Wildcats For First Practice - August 29, 1944

Remegis Wins ORFU All-Star - November 17, 1944

Remegis Wins Big Four All-Star At Inside (Guard) - November 15, 1945

Remegis Being Counted On At Inside for Tigers - August 31, 1946

Remegis a Big Four All-Star in 1947 - November 15, 1947


Year Team GP
1939 SAR
1940 HTG
1941 HWC
1942 HWC
1943 HWC
1944 HWC
1945 HTG
1946 HTG
1947 HTG
1948 HTG
1949 HWC

No official games played stats were kept in the East until 1960.