Joey Richman

A product of Montreal’s north end, Joey Richman was an all-around athlete who first came to prominence on the 1936 Eastern Canada championship basketball team, Montreal YMHA. At only 5’7” and 155 lbs, Joey made up for his size with skill and speed. At the urging of his brother Lew, who had success as a boxer, Richman entered a Gold Glove tournament and won a provincial lightweight championship.  Richman also played tennis and baseball, playing on a semi-pro team alongside CFL legend Joe Krol.

In 1938, Richman joined the Big Four Montreal Cubs.  Over the next few years, Richman played on a succesion of Montreal teams with different names, the Royals in 1939 and the Bulldogs in 1940 and 1941 (the team was actually nameless in 1940, but adopted the name Bulldogs in 1941).  When war broke out Richman signed up with the RCAF, and was first stationed in Toronto where he was placed in charge of physical education and sport at the base. Service football had replaced the Big Four and although RCAF  football coach Lew Hayman was skeptical about having a 150-pounder on his team, Richman made the team and they went on to win the 1942 Grey Cup. Richman was transferred to Lachine where he played for their team in the ORFU.  With the war over and the military teams disapearing, Richman joined the Ottawa Trojans of the ORFU in 1945.

After his discharge from the air force, Richman was enticed to join his old coach Lew Hayman with the newly formed Montreal Alouettes in 1946. Richman's play with the Alouettes helped earn him the title of Montreal's Athlete of the Year in 1946.  Richman played two years in the Big Four before turning back to basketball where he played on the 1950 YMHA Senior Blues, the Canadian senior championship team. He later served as coach of the Canadian women's track team at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki

Richman later opened a sporting-goods store in Montreal and became a distributor of sports equipment. Joey Richman passed away in Montreal on December 2, 2008 at age 93.

[Bio by Wes Cross]

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GP and Points
Year Team GP PTS
1938 MC
1939 MR
1940 MBD
1941 MBD

1942 TRH

1943 LAC


1945 OTR

1946 MON 10 10
1947 MON 12 5

No individual stats were kept in the East until 1954 except for scoring.  The games played numbers are unofficial and taken from the 2005 Montreal Media Guide.






Joey Richman circa 1948