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Rene (Rip) Riopelle was born in Mattawa, Ontario, but grew up in North Bay. After playing hich schoool football in North Bay at Scollard Hall, Riopelle graduated to the senior North Bay Tiger-Cats. At age 19, Riopelle was drafted by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Riopelle joined the Tiger-Cats in 1963 where he played 6 games for the tabbies, mainly at linebacker on defence, as Hamilton won the Grey Cup that year.

In 1964, Angelo Mosca got his Canadian citizinship which displace Riopelle and he was traded to Montreal. Riopelle played in 12 games for the Als, mainly as a blocking fullback for George Dixon and on special teams. Riopelle had 31 yards rushing on 8 carries and caught 4 passes for another 31 yards. Riopelle also saw action as a punt returner with 16 returns for 66 yards. An achilles tendon injury finished Riopelle for the season.  The following year, Riopelle was picked up by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but he decided to stay in Hamilton. Riopelle played four seasons for the St. Catherines Rams, another senior amateur team. In  1968, Riopelle led  the senior league in rushing. Riopelle did have another short stint during that time with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, playing two games for them in 1966.

Riopelle was an excellent all around athelete. Besides playing football, Riopelle was scouted by the NHL's Montreal Canadians and Detroit Red Wings, and played one season of senior hockey. Riopelle played softball when he was younger and after his football playing days ewre over, he switched to racket sports, playing racquetball, tennis and squash, winning several titles along the way. In the summer, Riopoelle could be found on the golf liks or inline skating. Riopelle is a member of the North Bay Sports Hall of Fame.

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North Bay's Riopelle with Alouettes

Alouette Newcomer Riopelle in Battle with Argonaut's Brewer - August 18, 1964

Riopelle One of Three Players Fined - August 19, 1964

Riopelle in Alouette Line-Up vs Saskatchewan - September 5, 1964

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GP, Rushing, Receiving and Points
Year Team GP TC Yds Avg TD Long Rec Yds Avg TD Long PTS
1963 HAM 6 1 11 11 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 0
1964 MON 12 8 31 3.9 0 9 4 31 7.8 0 11 0
1966 HAM 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Year Team F FL
1963 HAM 0
1964 MON 1
1966 HAM 0


Punt Returns
Year Team PR Yds Avg TD Long
1963 HAM 0 0 0 0 0
1964 MON 16 66 4.1 0 11
1966 HAM 0 0 0 0 0




Rene Riopelle at Scollard Hall

Rene Riopelle
Rene Riopelle (left) with Jackie Parker (right). Click on picture for a larger version

Rene Riopelle
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Rene Riopelle

Rene Riopelle
Sketch of Rene Riopelle

Rene Riopelle

Rene Riopelle, Angela Mosca and Rollie Fisher at a banquet in North Bay in 1962
Rene Riopelle, Angelo Mosca and Rollie Fisher at a banquet in North Bay - 1962

1963 Hamilton Grey cup Champs

1964 Montreal Alouettes

1964 Montreal Alouettes