George Sniscak

George Sniscak was a tackle who played at Wake Forest along with Ray Cicia.  Both Cicia and Sniscak joined the Alouettes in 1950 after being expelled from Wake Forest for cheating.  Sniscak's career with the Als lasted only two games, but he did make a big contribution in the Als opener in 1950 when he blocked a fieldgoal attempt by Ottawa.  John Taylor recovered the blocked kick and returned it for a touchdown.  That helped turn the game around and the Als went on to victory.  George Sniscak passed away on June 14, 2005.

Note: The Montreal Media guides mispelled the last name as Smiscak for several years.

Wake Forest Expels Three - December 9, 1949

Demon Deacons Lose Six In Cheating Case - January 7, 1950

Sniscak Blocks Kick In Montreal 1950 Season Opener


Year Team GP
1950 MON 2

No official game participation stats were kept in the East until 1960.  This stat came from the 2006 Montreal Media Guide and is unofficial.