Benny Steck

Benny Steck was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1921.  Steck got a late start in football, playing it for the first time with the Rockland junior team in Quebec at the age of 18 in 1939.  In 1940 Steck moved up to play for the Rockland Intermediate team in the QRFU (Quebec Rugby Football Union) and then got a chance to play his first senior ball with the Montreal Bulldogs* in November of 1940.  Steck showed a lot of promise in that first game and he returned to be a regular for the Bulldogs in 1941. Also in 1940, Steck was the runner-up in the 174 pound class for wrestling in Quebec.  A little something called World War II intervened in Steck's life and football career and he played for an RCAF team at Lachine, Quebec in 1942 and 1943.  The Lachine team won the Quebec Rugby Football championship in both those years.

Returning to civilian life, Steck played for the Montreal Hornets of the IRFU in 1945, the Hornets having taken over from the Bulldogs after the war.  In 1946, the Montreal Alouettes were formed to replace the Hornets and Steck was a charter member of the Alouettes, playing 11 of the 12 games with the Als in that initial season.  Steck was named an East All-Star at Guard (or Inside as they were called then) in 1946.  Steck moved to the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1947, and played five seasons with them from 1947 to 1951.  While with Ottawa, Steck lost one Grey Cup in 1948 to Calgary and won one against Saskatchewan in 1951.  Steck retired from football after the 1951 Grey Cup victory and concentrated on his business career.  Back in 1946, Steck had married Yvonne Easterbrook and moved to Spencerville, Ontario where he bought the General Store.  Steck was a charter member of the IGA grocery franchise and was a successful businessman from 1951 to 1986.  Now a widower, Benny Steck is now retired and living in Ottawa.

* The Montreal team in the IRFU / Big Four (now the East Division of the CFL) did not have a nickname in 1940 and was called simply the Montreal Football Club.  The franchise continued in 1941 and adopted the name Bulldogs.

Benny Steck passed away on October 22, 2012.

Steck Listed With The Rockland Team in the QRFU - November 4, 1940

Young Steck Shows Plenty Of Promise - November 4, 1940

Steck Openng Day Starter for Bulldogs - September 29, 1941

Steck Signs With Riders - June 30, 1947

Obituary for Benny Steck

Years and GP
Year Team GP
1940 MBD
1941 MBD
1942 LAC
1943 LAC
1945 MH
1946 MON 11
1947 OTT
1948 OTT
1949 OTT
1950 OTT
1951 OTT

No official game participation stats were kept in the East until 1960.


Benny Stick

Benny Stick

Benny Stick