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Prince Edward Island joined Canada as the seventh province.

The Toronto Argonauts were formed at a meeting on October 4 and adopted dark blue as their team colour.  The Argos played thei rfirst ever game on October 11 against the University of Toronto and lost by a goal and a try to zero.  A week later, the "Battle of Ontario" had its very first chapter as the Argos played the Hamilton F.C. which had started to tuse the name Tigers and had changed thei rteam colours from black and orange to the modern black and yellow of Hamilton teams.  Toronto won that first game, played at the University of Toronto, by a goal and a try to nil. A week later at the cricket grounds in Hamilton, the Tigers won the rematch against the Argos by a score of a goal and try and a touch in goal to two goals and two trys.

In Quebec, Montreal F.C. defeated Quebec F.C. in a game referred to as the Montreal Challenge Cup.