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The QRFU (Quebec Rugby Football Union) and the ORFU ( Ontario Rugby Football Union) were founded.  The ORFU was created on January 6, and while technically the QRFU was created in late December of 1882, it began play in 1883.  The ORFU was a long lasting league that existed up until the 1960s though by the end of the second world war, the ORFU had become pretty much a development league for the IRFU (Interprovincial Rugby Football Union) or more commonly known as the Big Four which became the East division of the modern CFL.  The ORFU started with three divisions, played with 15 men on a side, and adopted the following scoring rules:

There was no league play in the ORFU until 1898.  The teams had a playoff system where team A played team B with the winner playing team C.  This continued until there was only one undefeated team

ORFU First Round
Ontario Agricultural College beat Guelph F.C. by default
Windsor F.C. beat Chatham F.C. by default

ORFU Second Round
London F.C. beat Windosor F.C. by default
Hamilton Tigers 34 Ontario Agricultral College 0
Upper Canada College 9  Trinity Collee 4
Toronto Argonauts 30  Peteborugh F.C. 7
Ottawa F.C. 10 Royal Military College 7

ORFU Quarter Finals
Toronto University 26  Toronto College University 3
Toronto Argonauts 9  Upper Canada Collge 4
Ottawa F.C. 18  Queen's University 2
Hamilton Tigers 17 London F.C. 3

ORFU Semi-Finals
Ottawa F.C. 14 Hamilton Tigers 9
Toronto Argonauts 24 Toronto University 1

ORFU Final
Toronto Argonauts 30  Ottawa F.C. 0