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The ORFU reogranized into one division.  The Manitoba Rugby was formed and included the Winnipeg F.C., St. John's College and the Royal Infantry College. With still no national body for football, the QRFU and the ORFU staged a Dominion Championship which was a zero-zero tie between Ottawa College of the ORFU and the Montreal Winged Wheelers of the QRFU..

ORFU Challendge Series
Toronto Argonauts 35  Upper Canada College 1
Hamilton Tigers 8  London Kickers 1
Hamilton Tigers 12 Toronto Argonauts 4
Hamilton Tigers 23  Upper Canaa College 0
Hamilton Tigers 16  Strathroy 2

Hamilton Tigers declared winner of the challenge series

ORFU Final
Ottawa College 10  Hamilton Tigers 1

Ottawa College 0   Montreal Winged Wheelers 0