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SRFU (Saskatchewan) W L T F A PTS
Regina R.C 2 0 0 36 7 4
Saskatoon Quakers 0 2 0 7 36 0

SRFU Scores
Oct. 9: Regina 23 Saskatoon 1
Oct. 21: Regina 13 Sasjatiib 6

OMFL Semi-Finals
Oct. 7: Hamilton 205th 18 Toronto 150th 9
Oct. 14: Hamilton 205th Batallion 14 Toronto 105th Batallion 5
(Hamilton wins 32-14)

Oct. 14: Ottawa 207th Battalion 43  Queen's Universityh 8
Oct. 21: Ottawa 207th Battalion 1  Queen's University 5
(Ottawa wins 44-13)

OMFL Final

Oct. 28: Ottawa 207th Battalion 32  Hamilton 205th Battallion 3
Nov. 4:  Ottawa 207th Battalion 24  Hamilton 205th Battalion 8
(Ottawa wins 56-11)

Not Played




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With World War I in full swing, most football in Canada stopped at the senior level, including the IRFU (Big Four) and the ORFU. The OMFL (Overseas Military Football League) was formed with military teams in the "Big Four" cities, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Montreal with many of the playres coming from the IRFU and ORFU teams.  The Montreal 224th batallion could not field a team, however, and were replaced by Queen's University. There was no regular season played as such, just a pair of two game total point semi-finals and a two game total point final between the winners.  The Grey Cup was not awarded.