1923 Links

September 22: Toronto Fans Await Argos-Tiger Tussle
September 27: M.A.A. Players in Hard Practice
September 28: Big Four Rugby Gets Underway In East Today
October 6: Four Good Games in Eastern Rugby
October 13: Big Battles Are On Today
October 15: Saskatoon Squad Defeats Riders 3-1
October 15: Montreal Beaten by Argos 17-0
October 15: Rough Riders Beat Hamilton 29-11
October 19: Snappy Team Work Ends Hard Practice
October 20: Eskimos vs. Varsity
October 22: One Point Bars Ottawa From Big Bour Race
October 16: Stiff Battles Expected for Rugby Championships
October 20: Queen's-Toronto Game is Today's Rugby Feature
October 22: Last Minute Rally Gave Argos 14-14 Tie With M.A.A.A
October 23: University of Toronto Has Chance to Beat Out Tri-Color; Big Four Race Is Best In years
October 27: Queen's-McGill Game at Kingston Today Features Eastern Canadian Program
October 29: Queen's Defeat McGill Squad
October 29: Edmonton Take Six Point Lead In Series With Calgary
October 29: Argonauts and Tigers Will Battle For Big Four Championship
October 31: Argos Drill in Their Forward Passing Game
November 10: Argos Play at Hamilton Today
November 10: Ideal Weather for Big Game
November 12: Tigers Overcome 10 Point Lead to Take Rugby Title
November 19: Tigers Defeated Hamilton R.C. And Will Play Queen's
November 20: Coach Eddie Starts Tonight To Put Grid Squad In Perfect Condition For Dominion Final
November 20: Queen's Decides to Play Regina if Tigers Lose
November 22: Tigers Intact For Big Game
November 23: McKelvey Returns - Queen's Star Lineman Back In Uniform
November 26: Tiger's Amaze Fans But Lose To Queen's 13-5