1925 Links

September 3: McKelvey at Queen's
September 25: Leagues to Open Shortly
September 28: Gibb Returns to Hamilton Tigers - Bengals Beat Balmy Beach 19-0
October 2: Rugby (Football) Starting This Saturday
October 5: Argo Fumbles Give Hamilton Tigers 14 to 11
October 6: Two Fine Additions to Hamilton Tigers
October 12: Montreal Wins Over Hamilton; Varsity Loses
October 12: Saturday Saw Eastern Grid League Tied
October 17: Winged Wheelers Face Jungle Kings
October 17: Ottawas Meet Argos in Big Four Feature at Lansdowne Park
October 24: Deadlock Possible In Big Four With Today's Battles
October 26: Queen's and Ottawa Look Like Eastern Grid Champs
October 29: Varsity Out to Topple Great Queen's Machine
November 3: Ottawa - Tigers Clash, Charlie Connell May Be Out for Senators
November 4: McGill Practices Defence for Game Against Varsity
November 7: Gibb and Timmis On Tiger Line-Up
November 9: Hamilton Ties Ottawa 2-2 in Eastern Rugby
November 9: Wheelers Favoured Over McGill
November 14: Ottawa Should Beat Hamilton
November 14: Regina vs. Peg in Western Final
November 14: Ottawa Extra Game Necessary Hamilton Win
November 16: Senators Succead Hamilton Tigers as Big Four Champions